Logging for production nodeJS applications

Collecting some logs is easier than others…


This post focuses on logging for node applications within a micro-services architecture. Correlation of logs using request ids from API Gateway (APIGW) and an Application Load Balancer (ALB) is highlighted. These apps are managed containers or lambdas.

If you are looking for more information on amalgamation of data, analysis, visualisation…

An introduction to the new container orchestration service from AWS


AWS diagrams, as usual, hiding the complexity of your final setup

The diagram above is concerned only with Fargate and container orchestration. If you are build anything of moderate size you will need to consider much more beyond that.

You will need to consider what type of application you are deploying.

  • Are they under different domains and APIs?
  • How quick will…

A quick introduction to setting up AWS managed elasticsearch, kibana, cognito and cloudwatch subscription filters


Overview of some of the places you will receive logs in AWS directed at an ES cluster. ©JasonPoley

Logging and monitoring your infrastructure sounds easier than it is.

The first issue is all the different services you will need to pay attention to. The diagram above only covers some AWS services, you will usually be using other external services like databases outside of your AWS infrastructure as well.

Alexander Morton

A DevOps engineer specialised in cloud infrastructure with a background in theoretical and experimental physics.

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